Hello! My name is Alexis, but I prefer being called Alex. I'm a student artworxLA's Hollywood Media Arts Academy. To be honest I've been many things at artworxLA this past year. I was Athena for a photography project in Teaching Artist Lluvia Higuera's photography class, I narrated artworxLA's 22nd Annual Gala promotional video, and lastly I presented our 2014 Gala honoree Mirada. Really, as I think about this has been a pretty productive year. Early this year, I joined artworxLA's Level: 2 programming completing a Level: 2 residency with The Street Poets and this past summer I completed a summer scholarship program with the GRAMMY museum. Sometimes it amazing to see how much I've completed in just one year. Next year I plan on graduating. I can now honestly say I'm looking forward to all the amazing new things I will be doing once I graduate High School.