Itzel Flores graduated from LA Education Corps- Pico Union, the home of the artworxLA Academy for Visual Arts and Design. Before joining artworxLA, Itzel had lost interest in school and found herself hanging out with a neighborhood crew.  After realizing the long-term negative outcomes of being affiliated with her crew, she decided to reinvest in her education and enrolled in Pico-Union. Itzel enrolled in art education courses with artworxLA and found the arts provided positive choices and experiences to help her graduate with a plan. Through artworxLA, Itzel completed Advanced Level courses in leadership, film, and music production. She was also one of artworxLA's first cohort of interns taking her leadership skills to the next level. Eager to develop her professional work skills Itzel enrolled in training courses with the National Retail Federation and has begun working at an after-school program where she teaches young people art.