John graduated from Angelus Plaza high school in 2017. Before joining artworxLA, John battled homelessness while attending school. Without a place to call home, he fell into a state of depression and fell behind on credits. After his family secured a place to live, John enrolled in programs at Angeles Plaza HS. At this school, he was introduced to artworxLA’s foundation level workshops in visual arts. Excited about the prospect of creating art after-school, he enrolled in our Advanced  Programs completing workshops in Filmmaking, Leadership, and Visual Arts. After graduating, John stayed connected to our programs by supporting artworxLA students in our Leadership and Development program. In summer 2018, artworxLA connected John to a summer internship with Film Independent. An alliance between the City of Los Angeles and the Evolve Entertainment Fund, this summer-long internship connected John to creative professionals in screenwriting and filmmaking. In the Fall of 2018, he elected to be artworxLA’s Alumni Representative on its Board of Directors. Passionate about writing, he looks forward to creating scripts for film and television that connects communities and supports diversity. John is attending courses at LACC.