Fall 2016 Workshops Begin!

We're excited to announce that we have begun our 2016/2017 academic programs with artworxLA students at our 26 program sites across Los Angeles! For the next 11-weeks, our students will be immersed in hands on workshops which will brighten their understanding of art and deepen their knowledge of themes connected to their communities. This year we plan to bring over 36 weeks of artistic workshops which will explore our 2016/2017 themes “Preserving Your LA: People and Places that Matter”, “Weathering the Storm: Building Resilient Communities, and “Civic Engagement: Democracy in Action”. Each of these themes will be explored with the support of our Cultural Partners Los Angeles TasksForce, Los Angeles Public Library, LA Conservancy and the Skirball Cultural Center. Get ready to join our students in November as they present the final works produced in these workshops at three free to the public presentations.