Pasadena Art Alliance Impact Award

artworxLA is pleased to announce that we are the first recipient of the Pasadena Art Alliance Impact Award! Created in 2015 to commemorate Pasadena Art Alliance's 60th Anniversary, the award honors organizations that impact youth through contemporary art education. artworxLA Executive Director Cynthia Campoy Brophy received the inaugural award and a check for $25,000 in recognition of its impact on youth through contemporary art and the excellence of our visual arts programs.

The Pasadena ArtAlliance states: "artworxLA embodies the essence of the Impact Award with its proven ability to change lives through contemporary art. Its sequential arts program inspires students to stay in school and develop as individuals, allowing them to flourish as creative adults enriching our whole community. PAA honors artworxLA for over two decades of hard work and success in art education."

The purpose of the Pasadena Art Alliance Impact Award is to showcase excellence in visual art education with an award to a non-profit organization that impacts youth through contemporary visual art.

The award is given to one institution per year, and complements PAA's grants program by supporting budding artists. Unlike a grant, the award is not given for a specific purpose but is to be used as the organization sees fit to continue the educational efforts for which it is being honored.

We thank PAA for recognizing artworxLA!