artworxLA Students Wrap Fall 2016 Public Presentations


Look at what our students have accomplished! artworxLA students from across Los Angeles presented art from their Fall 2016 workshops to live audiences at the Los Angeles Theatre, the Skirball Cultural Center and the Los Angeles Public Library. Motivated by the themes "Preserving Your LA: People and Places That Matter", "Civic Engagement: Democracy In Action", and "Weathering The Storm: Building Resilient Communities", each artworxLA student shared their own personal understanding of these topics and related it to their own lives. Each creative expression explored through these topics enriched our student’s knowledge of issues impacting their neighborhoods and presented them methods to best foster change within their communities. Congratulations artworxLA students!

Thank you Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles Conservancy, TaskForce, and Los Angeles Public Library for inspiring our students.