Fall Public Presentations 2017


artworxLA students from across L.A. County celebrated the completion of their Fall 2017 season with Public Presentations at the Autry Museum of the American West, the Japanese American National Museum, and the Los Angeles Public Library. Accompanied by the friends and peers, each student exhibited works exploring science fiction, community journalism, and reconstructing American history. Though a creative lens, each student grew their depth of knowledge while developing transferable skills in the arts. Congratulations artworxLA students on an amazing celebration of art and performance!

Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Autry Museum of the American West, Japanese American National Museum, and the Los Angeles Public Library for supporting the creative exploration of our students.  

Voices of Movement: LA RAZA and Community Journalism | Nov 7
(Photos by Chris Devlin)

Monuments and Memory: Reconstructing American History | Nov 8
(Photos by Chris Devlin)

Into the Unknown: Sci-FI Visions of the Future | Nov 9
(Photos by Paul Ulukpo)

Student Work: 

Students at Will Rogers HS worked with Teaching Artists Roderick Smith on the animation "Cosmic Rip-off." An example of how science fiction can speak to the "here and now," this short film addresses prejudice through comedy. In the story, aliens "steal" a young person's headphones as they start to arrive on Earth.