2-Hour Workshop With Dewey Tafoya

The video highlights a 2-hour workshop with artworxLA Teaching Artist Dewey Tafoya and Workshop Coordinator Stephen P. Hardy. Over the course of 10-weeks, students explored social and political artwork connected to the theme “Gender and Representation”, developed in partnership with cultural partner UCLA Art and Global Health Center. Students were inspired by their visit to the “Manifest: Justice” exhibition on view in May 2015 at the Baldwin Hills Theater in Los Angeles.

Students were asked to reflect and write about social issues that exist in their communities. Students produced screen prints inspired by these issues. Each student was asked to think deeply about how to visually improve the prints they produced by creating prints without text. Each student was directed to formulate new images through the use of complex printing techniques which best illustrate their subject matter.

Paul Ulukpo

artworxLA Students