Our 2015-16 Teaching Artists

We are gearing up for our 2015-16 academic season! Our newly selected teaching have just completed teaching artist training and they are ready to inspire artworxLA students across LA county. Get ready to see the work they produce with our students at our next Public Presentation on November 2nd!

2015-16  Teaching Artist

Amy Bond

Dino Dinco 

Gloria Westcott 

Dana Turken

 Cole James 

Javad Butah 

Isa Beniston 

Lluvia Higuera

Cintia Segovia

Jose Sanchez 

April Bey 

Kimiko Broder

Heriberto Luna

  Kelman Duran 

Amanda Yates Garcia 

Carrie Love

Dewey Tafoya

Pola Lopez 

Roderick Smith

Jeronimo Rajchenberg

Lonnie Marshall 

Gloria Alvarez

Jasmine Williams

Marissa Sykes