artworxLA Honors Octavia Spencer

We are thrilled to announce that we will be honoring Academy Award-winning actress and author Octavia Spencer at our 25th Annual Evening Of Art! With the 89th Oscars being only days away, Octavia took a moment to share how the arts have illuminated and guided her towards a career as an actress.

Interview with 2017 Gala Honoree:
Octavia Spencer
Actress & Author

awxLA: What role does art and creativity play in your career?

OS: Art is creativity and as an actor, it would be difficult for me to imagine one without the other.

awxLA: What inspired you to pursue a creative career?

OS: I think art is innate, inherent.  While I have an affinity for other disciplines, I believe I'm truly designed for this. It's my DNA.

awxLA: What is it like to be part of the creative industry?

OS: Being an actor is beautifully exhausting, and yet wildly exhilarating. It's a wonderful way to meet people from disparate backgrounds who share a common interest.

awxLA: What are some of the challenges you faced as you worked towards your creative career?

OS: One of the biggest challenges I faced was access to great material; however, time, persistence, and relationships changed that. 

awxLA: Share some advice to anyone going into your career field. 

OS: Train. Never ever get tired of honing your technique.

awxLA: What about your work connects you to artworxLA and our students?

OS: I was introduced to artworxLA by a couple of your board members that I've actually worked with on film sets. It was exciting to learn that we shared a common interest in motivating students via art.