artworxLA Students Conclude Winter 2017 Public Presentations

artworxLA students closed our their Winter 2017 workshops to a live audience at the Los Angeles Theatre, the Skirball Cultural Center and the Los Angeles Public Library. Through a creative lens, artworxLA students developed artworks that channeled their understanding of our 2016/17 workshop themes “Preserving Your LA: People and Places That Matter”, “Civic Engagement: Democracy In Action”, and “Weathering The Storm: Building Resilient Communities”.  Each creative work was an extension these topics and broadened our students' recognition of the strength found in resilient communities, the power of democracy, and how they can be the leaders in preserving their city for future generations. We congratulate our students as they further their artistic talents.

We also thank everyone at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles Conservancy, TaskForce, and Los Angeles Public Library for giving our students the platform to share voices.