Congratulations to Our 2014 Graduates

We would like to congratulate our 2014 Hollywood Media Art Academy students who have just crossed an important milestone in their lives. These students from now on will be known as graduates. They have defied the odds and have achieved their high school diplomas. These students remind us all that the arts can engage and encourage the progression of many at risk of losing their chance at a greater future. To our students: we say keep rising and keep chasing your dreams!



The Hollywood Media Arts Academy  

Class of 2014

 Maciela Alvarado   Eduardo Espinoza  Damian Perevishin
 Brandon Aqua   Eswin Estrada  Christopher Pocasangre
 Austin Bell   Anael Galeno  Jason Vielman
 Kimberly Carranza Jasmine Guevara  
 Stephanie Delgado  Isis Jasso