We Stand with DACA


Dear Friends:

Many of our students arrived in this country as infants or young children.  Their parents brought them to this country in search of a better life, and they have grown up only knowing life as an American. They have contributed to our communities, they have been educated by our school system, and they are ready to contribute to our country as adults.
The current political effort to repeal this program cannot be reduced to numbers and statistics. Behind each statistic is a human being whose stories need to be told and understood.  By understanding the human story behind the political rhetoric, my hope is that we, as a country, will be more tolerant and pressure our elected representatives to keep DACA intact.
At artworxLA, we engage artists to mentor and challenge our students to articulate their opinions, grapple with complex societal and moral issues, and to amplify their voices. The arts have the power to humanize the political. Let us all take time to learn of the journeys our DACA neighbors have endured, to understand the obstacles that have challenged them, and to find empathy for their struggle.
At artworxLA, we stand with Dreamers. Let us stand together in support of all of our young people to help launch them into a promising future in this city where they have grown up.

In solidarity,
Cynthia Campoy Brophy
and the artworxLA Family