The Droplet

THE DROPLET_0197-1v1.jpg

"The Droplet", an art installation initiated by Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva and created by artist Marcos Lutyens with the support of artworxLA students, is currently on view in Paris, France. In its mission to generate awareness of water as a precious resource, "The Droplet" installation will travel for the next 2-years creating a meeting space where water-related narratives will be explored. Under the leadership of Mr. Lutyens, artworxLA students collaborated with the artist to produce benches where visitors will take part in discussions inspired by water. Thanks to Marcos Lutyens' collaborative art making approach, artworxLA students were able to participate in conversations about water conservation, water benefits and water as the means to extend all life forms on Earth. The piece will be on display at the at the AD Intérieurs exhibition (Architectural Digest) at La Monnaie de Paris September 6th - 20th.

Congratulations to Vincent Avila, Ceci Flores, Jonathan Mayorga, Blanca Martinez, and Alfredo Alvarado for being a part this amazing art installation.