Staff Accomplishments

Our artworxLA staff has been up to some amazing things this month. Through exhibition, publication, and advocacy, our staff is elevating our city with their artistic talents. 

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Shelby Williams-Gonzalez 
artworxLA Executive Director Shelby Williams-Gonzalez was recognized by the Los Angeles City Council as a “Change Maker” and Leader as part of Black History Month/Appreciation. 

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Michael Alvarez 
Workshop Coordinator Michael Alvarez's exhibition is currently on view at the Riverside Art Museum. Michael Alvarez: Mama's Boys (and Other Stories) runs through March 31. More info, at:


Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo
Presented as part of Landscapes and Land Dwellers: Photography of Place by Rafael Cardenas, Workshop Coordinator Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo will read her work alongside Rocío Carlos and East Los Angeles-based jazz band Hayokaht at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes on March 21, 7–9pm. More info at:


Join muralists Barbara CarrascoNoni Olabisi, and Kristy Sandoval for a conversation with historian Denise Sandoval as they talk candidly about their work in L.A.


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Jasmine Williams 
Workshop Coordinator Jasmine Williams is a 2019 Literary Artist for the City of Los Angeles African American Heritage Month. Read her work, "Yo Mama Walks into A Bar," on page 155 of the 2019 Program Guide