Students Succeed in their 2019 Summer Programs

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artworxLA's Level 3 Summer Scholarship program is an important step toward college readiness for students pursuing majors in the arts. Hosted by some of Southern California's most prestigious institutions, students learn fundamental skills and connect with peers from around the world with similar interests. Similarly, creative industry internships deepen our students’ career interests and help them build lasting connections with industry professionals. Throughout these experiences, students receive coaching and support from artworxLA mentors.

Congratulations to Anais, Angie, Lamar, Presiliano, Salomón, Samantha, and Sterling for completing their Level 3 summer programs!


ArtCenter College of Design

ArtCenter for Teens

Designed to give students a focused, unique experience in art and design, ArtCenter for Teens welcomed Presiliano and Sterling into courses in Head Drawing and Dynamic Drawing. Presiliano learned to draw portraits working from live models, focusing on proportion, structure, facial features, and likeness from every angle. Sterling explored rapid visualization techniques using ink, pens, markers and other related mediums.

Both developed their observation and perspective skills, whether it was for fine art portraiture or consumer products and complex industrial/environmental design.

artworxLA thanks ArtCenter’s C.C. Ybarra, Joe Del Rosario, and Ronald Llanos for their mentorship and support.


KAA Design

High School Summer Internship

Led by Founding Partner and artworxLA Board Member, Grant Kirkpatrick and Partner, Duan Tran, KAA Design is a design studio dedicated to advancing the California lifestyle through contemporary architecture since 1988. Design and Media Arts Academy student Lamar completed a high school summer internship at KAA Design, where he learned basic levels of Adobe Suite and a specialized version of CAD. He also participated in meetings with design teams and staff and visited sites. 

artworxLA thanks Grant Kirkpatrick, Joyce Lopez, and everyone at KAA Design for providing Lamar with this unique opportunity.

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Otis College of Art and Design

Otis Summer of Art

Otis Summer of Art is an immersive, four-week, pre-college program for students ages 15 and older who wish to study at one of the top art and design colleges in the country. From Mood Boards to industrial sewing equipment, Salomón learned to create finished garments from his illustrated concepts. Meantime, Angie pursued her passion and further developed her perceptual skills through Painting and Beginning Drawing courses.

artworxLA thanks Inez Bush, Chris Hurley, Jessica Jacobo, and Otis College of Art and Design for their continued dedication to our students.

University of California Los Angeles

Sci | Art Lab + Summer Institute

UCLA’s Sci | Art Lab + Summer Institute is an intensive, two-week summer program for high school juniors and seniors. After exposing students to the interface of science, art, and culture, faculty asked them to predict the technological advancements that we will see in the next five years and consider their implications.

For their final project, Samantha's group presented their projections of realistic developments in robotics and artificial intelligence - and made a special effort to compare them to media and pop culture expectations. Other final projects included a pitch for safer, more specialized organ regeneration and a programming code that automatically generates photo collages with minimal human input.

Special thanks to Founder and Director Victoria Vesna and Lead Instructor Kaitlin Bryson for their incredible support of Samantha.

University of Southern California

Exploration of Architecture

USC’s Exploration of Architecture exposes high school students to an architectural education and the vibrant surroundings of Los Angeles through an exciting two weeks at the USC School of Architecture. Anais designed and built in a collaborative studio environment, touring famous landmarks, and working with the School’s distinguished faculty and upper division students.

Special thanks to the USC School of Architecture for their continued support of our students.


If you have a scholarship or internship opportunity you would like to share with an artworxLA student, please contact Artistic Director Raúl Flores at