Lisa de Mondesir & Kim Drummond

Lisa and Kim.jpg

When our Founder, Cynthia Campoy Brophy, decided to launch a nonprofit arts education organization in 1992, she shared the idea with her friends Stefan Haves and Kim Drummond.  Stefan and Kim lit up and offered to give her the nonprofit that Kim and her friend Lisa de Mondesir had started a few years prior, but that they were no longer operating. The name was The H.E.ART Project.

Lisa owned the Main Street Dance Studio in Venice, CA and Kim managed and taught there. Their studio was located in a neighborhood that straddled both a gentrifying crowd and a community of homeless individuals.  They decided to make their space welcoming to all of their community and launched the original H.E.ART Project (Health, Exercise, and Art) to teach dance and exercise to “transitional homeless, disadvantaged teenagers and recovering substance abusers.”  One of the dance teachers who participated in this project was Sarah Elgart, who remains a long time artworxLA supporter and teaching artist.

After running the program for a few years, Lisa and Kim’s lives took different directions and the nonprofit entity lay dormant.  They graciously handed over the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, and the name to Cynthia, and The (new) HeArt Project, now artworxLA, was born.  

Great thanks to Kim, Lisa, and Stefan for providing us with a head start to get our program up and going.