Diego Robles

Diego Pic 1.jpg

Diego Robles is a first generation Mexican-American artist who grew up in the Houston metropolitan area, and who has now lived most of his life in Southern California. As a native to the US-Mexico border, he continually re-explores various ways the presence and absence of culture is expressed and disciplined into boundaries. Currently, he is writing essays about film theory, editing a feature-length documentary, teaching cinema and media arts, filming as a free-lance videographer and sound recorder, researching Chicana/o and Latin-American filmmakers, and translating oral history interviews. He conducts Art Labs every two weeks out of public spaces around Los Angeles, and in his living room. He is scheduled to perform an Art Lab in San Diego in August, in San Francisco in November, and at the end of the year in a 2-Day Art Lab-Intensive on Choreographic Cinema in Mexico City.