Dorothy Randall Gray

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Bestselling author of Soul Between The Lines (Avon/HarperCollins), Dorothy is a renowned teacher, prize winning artist and global activist. She has been featured on radio and television, at conferences, juvenile detention facilities, cultural centers and educational institutions throughout the world. A former Poet-in-Residence at Hunter College, National Public Radio commentator, and NYU faculty member, she has served as a literary consultant to the United Nations and as a special delegate to UNESCO.

Dorothy is the author of Muse Blues, The Passion Collection, Woman, Family, A Taste of Tamarinda, Sharing The Same Sky, and editor of the anthology, MuseMatrix. Her writings have appeared in numerous periodicals and anthologies including San Gabriel Quarterly Review, Drum Voices, the New York Times, Best Black Women's Erotica, SisterFire and Personal Journaling.

Creative writing workshops, empowerment and healing seminars facilitated by Dorothy have been commissioned by the National Writers Union, PEN America, Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon Institute, the International Women's Writing Guild, Open Center and many other organizations. Highlights of her life include sharing the dais with the Dalai Lama, dancing with tribal boys in the hills of Kerala, India, and boogying with James Baldwin.