Stephanie Rose Guerrero


Artist and writer Stephanie Rose Guerrero was born in Van Nuys, California and grew up in various parts of Southern California and New Mexico. She received her BFA in Photography & Media at CalArts is 2013. Stephanie is currently showing at the Torrance Art Museum and is a part of BBQLA’s year long migrating exhibition entitled American Fine Arts. On April 28th Stephanie will be reading her most recent published writings through LACMA’s education and Public Programs department at the Charles White Gallery, in conjunction with LACMA’s multisite PST exhibition “A Universal History of Infamy; Those of This America.” Stephanie has also participated in live fotonovela performances at the Getty and various parts of LA, with Harry Gamboa Jr, the founding member of the influential Chicano art group ASCO. Thanks to the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, East of Borneo, and the Temporary Institute of Unincorporated Studies, you can catch one of these interventions entitled "El Espacio Aereo Recuperada or ; Reclaimed Airspace in the Bi-Lingual Book titled "Someplace Chronicles; The Chronicle of Lennox.