Teod Tomlinson



Los Angeles based narrative figurative Artist Teod Tomlinson paints and sculpts symbolic and poetic scenarios that express his unique eclectic vision of the world. His art intertwines between the playful and intense themes of magic colliding with science, death bowing to birth, and the act of giving while taking away. His impassioned expressionism has a deliberate committed feel that comes through in the active strokes and visceral use of chroma. The paintings are like a probing x-ray that reveals the depth of his subject matter. Teod's Paintings and sculptures have been collected and shown throughout southern California Galleries. He is a College Professor of Art and Animation. Teod worked on the band Tool's early videos and artwork as a lead artist for the video SOBER and illustrator for the CD single Prison Sex. Teod is also a published illustrator, character designer and accomplished 3d cg sculptor and character / vfx animator. His work can be found in galleries, feature film, television, CD covers, greeting cards, music videos and game cinematics. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors degree from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.