A Partnership between artworxLA and the Inyo County Office of Education Established in 2017


Intensive Arts
10 Hours of Arts Instruction per Week, Taught by Professional Artists

Integrated Curriculum
Artistic Themes Integrated with Academics

City as Classroom
Field Trips to Creative Industry Workplaces

Creative Pathways
Partnerships with Local Colleges and Creative Industries

Pico Union high shcool continues to grow and evolve as a model for intensive arts education in the alternative high school setting. Pico Union provides students with programming in music production, graphic design, visual arts, and animation. Pico Union students are currently in their first year of their artistic programming.  With each day of their artistic engagement, Pico Union students grow their creative skills and develop a wealth knowledge which is often transferable. In addition to workshops that focus on digital content and 21st-century skills, Pico Union High School provides students with interactive speaker engagements. Professionals from creative industries inspire students to seek out creative careers and expose them to the range of jobs in the arts in Los Angeles. 

guest speakers.

Pico Union is dedicated to introducing students to exemplary professionals in the creative industries. Q&As with guest speakers both inspire students to seek out creative careers and expose them to the diversity of jobs in the arts. Most importantly, guest speakers give students insight into the personal path that led them to a specific career.