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Denise Gaberman  

For more than 20 years, Denise Gaberman has been collaborating with underrepresented youth, marginalized communities and activist filmmakers as a media educator and impact producer. Her social justice and media training began in the late1990s with pioneer organizations such as DCTV, Global Action Project, Paper Tiger TV, and Firelight Media. She has a special focus on media under-representation of LGBTQ+ youth and intergenerational oral history, and developed a project with late Stonewall veteran Sylvia Rivera and LGBTQI youth from FIERCE. While based in Sydney, Australia, Denise developed a youth reporter program for Inspire Foundation, a youth mental health service that serves young people throughout Australia.
Denise has produced documentaries and content for Rocketboom, The Post Punk Kitchen, Firelight Media, and ReachOut. She has also worked with award-winning journalists and documentarians: Nancy Buirski, Brian Knappenberger, Mark Levin, Stanley Nelson, Laurens Grant, Nina Berman, Amy Goodman, and Noam Chomsky.
She holds a Master’s Degree from NYU in Arts, History, and Media, and is currently an advisor to award-winning filmmakers Alex Rivera and Cristina Ibarra on an impact campaign about a group of youth activists that infiltrated an immigration detention center.