Students Succeed in their 2019 Summer Programs

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artworxLA's Level 3 Summer Scholarship program is an important step toward college readiness for students pursuing majors in the arts. Hosted by some of Southern California's most prestigious institutions, students learn fundamental skills and connect with peers from around the world with similar interests. Similarly, creative industry internships deepen our students’ career interests and help them build lasting connections with industry professionals. Throughout these experiences, students receive coaching and support from artworxLA mentors.

Congratulations to Anais, Angie, Lamar, Presiliano, Salomón, Samantha, and Sterling for completing their Level 3 summer programs!


ArtCenter College of Design

ArtCenter for Teens

Designed to give students a focused, unique experience in art and design, ArtCenter for Teens welcomed Presiliano and Sterling into courses in Head Drawing and Dynamic Drawing. Presiliano learned to draw portraits working from live models, focusing on proportion, structure, facial features, and likeness from every angle. Sterling explored rapid visualization techniques using ink, pens, markers and other related mediums.

Both developed their observation and perspective skills, whether it was for fine art portraiture or consumer products and complex industrial/environmental design.

artworxLA thanks ArtCenter’s C.C. Ybarra, Joe Del Rosario, and Ronald Llanos for their mentorship and support.


KAA Design

High School Summer Internship

Led by Founding Partner and artworxLA Board Member, Grant Kirkpatrick and Partner, Duan Tran, KAA Design is a design studio dedicated to advancing the California lifestyle through contemporary architecture since 1988. Design and Media Arts Academy student Lamar completed a high school summer internship at KAA Design, where he learned basic levels of Adobe Suite and a specialized version of CAD. He also participated in meetings with design teams and staff and visited sites. 

artworxLA thanks Grant Kirkpatrick, Joyce Lopez, and everyone at KAA Design for providing Lamar with this unique opportunity.

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Otis College of Art and Design

Otis Summer of Art

Otis Summer of Art is an immersive, four-week, pre-college program for students ages 15 and older who wish to study at one of the top art and design colleges in the country. From Mood Boards to industrial sewing equipment, Salomón learned to create finished garments from his illustrated concepts. Meantime, Angie pursued her passion and further developed her perceptual skills through Painting and Beginning Drawing courses.

artworxLA thanks Inez Bush, Chris Hurley, Jessica Jacobo, and Otis College of Art and Design for their continued dedication to our students.

University of California Los Angeles

Sci | Art Lab + Summer Institute

UCLA’s Sci | Art Lab + Summer Institute is an intensive, two-week summer program for high school juniors and seniors. After exposing students to the interface of science, art, and culture, faculty asked them to predict the technological advancements that we will see in the next five years and consider their implications.

For their final project, Samantha's group presented their projections of realistic developments in robotics and artificial intelligence - and made a special effort to compare them to media and pop culture expectations. Other final projects included a pitch for safer, more specialized organ regeneration and a programming code that automatically generates photo collages with minimal human input.

Special thanks to Founder and Director Victoria Vesna and Lead Instructor Kaitlin Bryson for their incredible support of Samantha.

University of Southern California

Exploration of Architecture

USC’s Exploration of Architecture exposes high school students to an architectural education and the vibrant surroundings of Los Angeles through an exciting two weeks at the USC School of Architecture. Anais designed and built in a collaborative studio environment, touring famous landmarks, and working with the School’s distinguished faculty and upper division students.

Special thanks to the USC School of Architecture for their continued support of our students.


If you have a scholarship or internship opportunity you would like to share with an artworxLA student, please contact Artistic Director Raúl Flores at

Metro Art Visits artworxLA

Guided by the theme of Art and Social Justice: Art in the Community, Alma Villegas (artworxLA's Director of Development and Communications) mentored a cohort of LA County arts interns through a 10-week summer program sponsored by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture (LACDAC).

On Friday, August 2nd, artworxLA invited Principal Transportation Planner, Arts and Design, LA Metro Jennifer Lieu and Communications Assistant, Arts and Design, LA Metro Angelica Monreal to introduce LACDAC interns to Metro Art, one of the largest public art agencies in the country.

Interns began the day by reflecting on their experiences this summer. Several interns commented that they were pleased they were encouraged to share a “post-Millenial” perspective in the workplace and felt their contributions would be felt long after their departures. While all of them expected to learn new skills, many pointed to specific findings that will assist their future careers; one such finding was the operational differences fiscally-sponsored organizations face.

All interns also shared their most memorable Metro stories:

  • A group from the Valley bonded over their first time taking the trains all the way to Santa Monica Beach -- and reminisced over the 2.5 hours it took it make the trip!

  • One intern recalled the feeling of utter independence that public transportation afforded his teenage self.

  • Another recounted her bus and subway journey to the Women’s March in 2017 and how the unity among her fellow passengers was so powerful.

  • A recent graduate reminisced about her commute to university, as it meant walking the halls of Union Station every day.

Happy to see that nearly everyone had some familiarity with Metro, Jennifer and Angelica began their tour with an introduction to Metro Art’s site-specific collection. Metro Art undergoes a considerable process of commissioning artwork with local significance and, in many cases, ease of maintenance.

Our journey through the Purple Line acquainted us with several iconic LA artists, including:

Sonia Romero with her MacArthur Park, Urban Oasis,2010 located at the MacArthur Park/Westlake Station. These 13 ceramic mosaic tiles capture her observations of the neighborhood with several homages to the park’s 120-year history.

Francisco Letelier with his El Sol / La Luna,1993 also located at the MacArthur Park/Westlake Station. These two murals reference the past, as well as the still unfolding cultural history of the present community.

Frank Romero with his Festival of Masks Parade,1996 located at the Wilshire/Normandie Station. This 60-foot curved mural depicts a now defunct annual parade of masks that was held along Wilshire Boulevard each fall.

Richard Wyatt with his People Coming / People Going,1996 located at the Wilshire/Western Station. These two 52-foot tile murals feature portraits of community members approaching and walking away from the viewer, a metaphor for a city always in transition.

artworxLA thanks Jennifer Lieu and Angelica Monreal for this unique tour of Metro’s free-to-the-public art collection.

Announcing Our 2019-20 Cultural Partners & Themes!

artworxLA is excited to announce this year’s three Level 1 Cultural Partners: the Fowler Museum at UCLA, Skirball Cultural Center, and the Vincent Price Art Museum! We look forward to working with these wonderful institutions in coming months as we gear up for the 2019-20 school year. Read on to learn about this year’s programming themes!

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Banish Stigma: The Power of Personal Voice and Representation
UCLA Art & Global Health Center/Fowler Museum at UCLA

How can the arts be powerful tools for combatting stigma? Through exhibitions at the Fowler Museum at UCLA, artworxLA students will explore personal voice and nuanced storytelling in digital media, installation, and mixed-media assemblage. Through Positive Eyes illuminates the life experiences of individuals living with HIV and AIDS from ten major cities across the globe. The exhibition includes powerful photo essays that address key themes of the AIDS epidemic: widespread stigma, extreme social inequality, and limited access to lifesaving medication. The retrospective Rina Banerjee: Make Me A Summary of the World guides viewers through the artist’s interpretation of the world while revealing the associations and experiences viewers bring to the trip. Galvanized by both exhibitions to confront stigma in their own lives, students will create projects that build empathy, challenge labels, and stamp out judgment and bias.

After the Flood: Building Community through Rituals of Care
Skirball Cultural Center

In what ways might the artistic process be a space for healing and care? Inspired by the immersive Noah’s Ark installation at the Skirball Cultural Center, artworxLA students will build a metaphorical ark of their own through the creation of rituals that traverse self-care, intergenerational care, care for community, and care for the environment. Learning from ancient flood stories across cultures and the transformation of materials in the interactive Noah’s Ark galleries, students will draw from traditions and imagine new iterations of “care- giving” and “taking care.” Rituals might include dance, sound, ceremony, media, or design, and projects will explore the role of the artist as a practitioner for healing communities and building resilience.

Double Vision: Art at the Intersection of Identities
Vincent Price Art Museum at East Los Angeles College

How does art embody, investigate, and reimagine our shifting and multiple identities? Engaging with the work of contemporary artists on view at the Vincent Price Art Museum, artworxLA students will consider how art is interpreted and created from intersecting identities. Since the 1950s, photographer George Rodriguez has documented multiple social worlds. The exhibition Double Vision: The Photography of George Rodriguez is a rare mix of Hollywood and Chicano L.A., film premieres and farmworker strikes, album covers and street scenes, celebrity portraits and civil rights marches. Students will also explore the work of Carolina Caycedo, Yolanda González, and Umar Rashid (Frohawk Two Feathers) and produce their own works that highlight their relationships to family, space and place, the past and the future.

2019 LACAC Learning Event at LACMA

On Tuesday, July 2nd, artworxLA organized a Peer Group event at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) for Los Angeles County Art Commission (LACAC, newly announced as the LA County Department of Arts and Culture) interns to further explore the theme “Arts and Social Justice: Art in Community.” 

Albert Valdez, Holly Gillette, and Maria Ramos of LACMA’s Education Department spoke to our interns about their passion for bringing LACMA programming directly into LA communities. LACMA and artworxLA Teaching Artist Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca led our group on a tour which focused on social change, illustrated in part by the literal changes that LACMA will be undergoing over the next few years as they begin major renovations on the grounds.

The day culminated in a Transformulation workshop, where interns were challenged to respond to the prompt, “What improvements do you want to see in your city?” Highlights from our event included the following intern responses:

  • Lauren Lee from PEN America Los Angeles proposed an outdoor coop space inspired by the idea of “Let the Environment Be.”

  • Verena Hecht from International Documentary wanted to see Metro integrate more art more consistently into the exterior and interior of its vehicles -- spaces that currently appear to be only available to advertisers with large budgets.

  • Daniel Martinez from Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural discussed issues regarding incarcerated individuals and the negative connotations of the phrase “We are all immigrants.” Daniel aimed to challenge this negativity with a marketing print campaign that would visibly support immigrant families in LA.

  • Monica Judith Juarez from LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes suggested expanding existing initiatives within Changeist to increase civic engagement among youth, an idea that Gustavo advised she further develop into a personal pitch.

  • Ariana Cooper from the Skirball Cultural Center was concerned about the lack of outdoor spaces in LA County as a whole, so she suggested creating more community spaces for people of all ages: public gardens, outdoor event spaces, etc.

  • Brendan Thompson from KCETLink was inspired by his personal reflections on gentrification and shared that he wants to open an art space that could serve multiple functions, such as a resource center and library.

  • Therese Oshiro from Hollywood HEART FKA Camp Pacific Heartland hoped to address community wellness by increasing community gardens and art-making at these gardens, inspired by the programs of EnrichLA.

  • Katie Lam Xing from Young Storytellers developed an idea to create more multipurpose spaces in Chinatown to create space for basketball events, theaters, stages, and arts education programming. 

  • Caroline Duffy from artworxLA recommended having pop-up art exhibits, stores, and installations at key areas around L.A. 

  • Jennifer Santiago from Los Angeles Opera Company planned an accessible center that would feature free and amplified programming for multiple generations, particularly engaging undocumented seniors so they can develop a sense of community.

  • Sarah Hofmann from artworxLA proposed the creation of affordable housing units using metal shipping containers as the base material.

Thank you to Albert, Holly, Maria, and Gustavo for hosting our wonderful visit to LACMA!

artworxLA Visits Trailer Park


Earlier in June, students from artworxLA's Advanced Programs visited the creative studios of Trailer Park, one of the world’s leading entertainment marketing agencies, at their headquarters in Hollywood. Students got to see firsthand the strategy and art, in both print and digital mediums, behind some of the biggest TV shows and movies. They also learned about the wide array of careers that are involved in the marketing industry. Thank you Trailer Park Inc. for inviting us!

Spring 2019 Public Presentations

That’s a wrap for 2018—19! Last week, artworxLA students completed a year of Public Presentations with our partners: the Autry Museum of the American West, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and the USC School of Architecture. Through the creative lens, over 1,000 students at 33 school sites produced works sharing their knowledge of themes related to homelessness, traditional ecological knowledge, and diverse perspectives on the History of Los Angeles. As our students conclude their 2018—19 academic year, each student deepened their connections to issues facing their city while developing transferable skills which they can bring to any career. Congratulations, artworxLA students, on an amazing year of art projects and presentations at prestigious cultural institutions. 

Afflerbaugh Camp School
Boys Republic
Monte CCS
Glenn Rockey Camp School
Inglewood Continuation HS
Mujeres y Hombres Nobles Paige Camp School
Second Chance IS
Phoenix Academy
Visions Learning Center
Vista Continuation HS

Alonzo CDS
Angelus Plaza Preparatory HS
CHS–Bellevue Branch
Design + Media Arts Academy at Central HS
Mar Vista Gardens Branch
CHS–Silverlake Branch
Duke Ellington HS
Frida Kahlo HS
Rose City HS

Autry Museum of the American West
Human Nature: Indigenous Knowledge and the California Landscape
photos by Paul Ulukpo

Amelia Earhart Continuation HS
Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall
Metropolitan HS
Cesar Chavez HS
Culver Park HS
Education Corps/Pico-Union: Newmark Continuation HS
Stoney Point Continuation HS
Will Rogers Continuation HS

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Becoming Los Angeles: The Next Chapter
photos by Paul Ulukpo

USC School of Architecture
Homes for Hope: Art and Design Address Housing in LA
photos by Sarah Hofmann