artworxLA operates a long-term, sequential arts program that creatively links overlooked alternative high school students with professional artists, cultural institutions and communities to imagine, produce, and present new work. 



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Arts Workshops and Public Presentations

artworxLA students participate in three 11-week workshops each year. Professional artists guide students to create art that connects to exhibitions and programs at L.A. museums, theaters and cultural centers. Each 11-week workshop culminates in a trip to the institution, where students present their final work.

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After-School Residencies and Leadership Development

Students whose interests are sparked in the Level 1 workshops step up the ladder to participate in Level 2. While the Level 1 workshops bring artists into the classroom, the Level 2 after-school residencies take students out of the classroom and into significant cultural institutions where they receive in-depth exposure to specific disciplines and publicly present their work at the end of 12 weeks. Simultaneously, students participate in a weekly leadership program that teaches skills to help students succeed in the residencies and advance to scholarship opportunities.


Exceptional students who complete the Level 2 residency and leadership program receive scholarships to study art in some of the country’s most prestigious summer and weekend arts programs for high school students. artworxLA provides these students with art supplies, access to technology, and staff support that ensures they successfully complete the programs and are competitive with their peers. Our core scholarship partners are listed below, and students have also participated in: Ryman Arts, Cal Arts’ Community Arts Partners Summer Arts program (CAPSA), the Earthwatch Institute, and various internships.


Scholarships 2017 / 2018

Alumni Support

artworxLA is committed to working with its alumni who have graduated from high school and need additional assistance navigating pathways to creative careers and college. Alumni receive individualized support, and have access to internship opportunities and a mentorship program.

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