Student Exhibitions Close Summer 2017

artworxLA - LA Education Crop - PP VP Museum 2017 -2440.jpg

artworxLA students from Education Corp - Pico Union closed their summer 2017 season with a public presentation at the Vincent Price Museum. Accompanied by family and peers, Pico Union students presented apocalyptic clay sculptures produced with artworxLA Teaching Artist Peter Wu and t-shirts inspired by current events with Dewey Tafoya. Following the 2016/17 theme "Weathering the Storm, Building Resilient Communities", Pico Union students toured Laura Aguilar's exhibition Show and Tell, an exhibition that exposed Laura Aguilar's own adversity and personal resilience. Touring this exhibition parallel themes and social issues that students explored during their 10-week workshop with artworxLA Teaching Artists.

A special thank you to Peter Wu for making this tour possible! We also thank Pilar Tompkins Rivas, Museum Director, and the Vincent Price Museum for sharing their space with our students.