Become A Youth Advisor for the LA County Arts Ed Collective


The Los Angeles County Arts Ed Collective is pleased to announce the formation of a Youth Advisory Council, which will offer young leaders a voice in shaping a new LA County Regional Plan for Arts Education. The Regional Plan will set forth strategies for advancing arts education across Los Angeles County, both in schools and in communities, with a focus on scale, equity and inclusion.

The Youth Advisory Council will be comprised of up to 15 young leaders, ages 18-24, who are passionate about the arts and have an interest in civic action. Representatives from community-based organizations, arts institutions, school districts and institutes of higher education are invited to nominate youth to serve on the Youth Advisory Council and to play a supporting role throughout the project period. Youth may also nominate themselves, but must include a letter of recommendation that describes why they are a good candidate for this opportunity.


Guidelines and Application Available March 26, 2019
Deadline to Apply April 23, 2019
Notification of Selection May 14, 2019
Youth Advisory Council Orientation May 23, 2019
Project Period May 2019 - December 2019
Culmination Event December 2019